Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Parallel Payers, Privatization and Two-Tier Healthcare in Canada
Alan Davidson
The commissioning of care by Workers' Compensation Boards alongside provincial healthcare insurance plans functions in Canada in much the same way as parallel private insurance functions in countries like England and Australia. Parallel payers introduce policy conflict, undermine equity and promote privatization. WCB demands for expedited care for injured workers create challenges for the efficiency and fairness of the healthcare system. Unfortunately, the legitimate policy of goals of WCB and universal healthcare insurance are difficult to reconcile in the real world of Canadian healthcare policy.

This country's leaders are either insane or stupid do they really think that we will allow them to turn us into a bunch of migrational workers that are under paid and abused because this insane class of company's figured out that by destroying the wage struture of this country they will increase the bottom line (profit) these people were elected but they are not carrying out the best interests of the people of this country.