Saturday, March 21, 2009

Counter intelligence techniques that can be used on the wcb or worksafe

Its time the injured worker fought back tell these people you do not need to be spyed on by ex-RCMP private eyes.And now you will record your meetings with these abusers that call themselves case workers and adjudacators.Its time to say enough is enough.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

the new world order

if you look at all the things happening in this country it looks like the north American union is on the way. Our new way of doing business with the American war machine allowing them to control our milatary and the nafta agreement with only the American's having the option of opting out of it.the linking of Mexico a source of cheap labor. And Canada and it's extending of the temperary work visa's from one to three years this creating a migratory labor force.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

temperary work visa's time limit extended

The extension of the time limit on the temporary work visas from one year to three years’ is an outrage and a sellout to the big business friends of the CCCE by this prime minister. This is the beginning of the dismantling of the basic fundamental structure of the country. Destroy the workforce that fought for employment safety equality decent wage rates Create a migratory work force based outside of the country this will lead to the invention of wages controlled by big business. There will be no such thing as a group of injured workers. All the workers in Canada will be injured workers and they will work as serfs for the big business corporations.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

never have i felt so ashamed to be a Canadian

this story shows how much this country cares about people that serve the country with blind faith and a unwavering sense of honor i am speaking of our soldiers the people that will defend this country if asked and will pay the ultimate price if asked.And to have these treasonous dogs stand at the Rememberance days spouting their garbage of how greatful they are for the sacrfice of people like my father and his brothers who served with honor this country sickens me beyond belief.

Community legal assistance society

Do these people really help injured workers? Well they certainly did not in my case or the case of my friend. So are they just there to help union members or people that belong to the NDP I would like to believe this is not so, but their actions speak for themselves.

agent orange the Liberal's terrible secret

Was one of your loved ones sprayed with this chemical to appease the American war hawks.why is it when they cannot under the Geneva convention test it on their own people they simply walk across the border and test it on the Canadian soldier's and civil workers.And this was done under the liberal watch i cannot as a Canadian citizen imagine such treachery coming out of a government elected by a people.