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Its time to show the world what really takes place

First aid and CSO's GO TO WORK everyday to try to keep workers safe so they can go home to their family’s every night at days end. And workers should be grateful that these people try to do their jobs. Instead they are exposed to a litany of abuse foul language violence and threats of loss of jobs. They walk a fine line and their jobs are at risk everyday why? Because the employers do not like the fact that these people are there to keep them in check. You would think otherwise as you would think that if the accident rate is kept down so is the employer’s WCB premiums. Well safety impedes production and besides the Work safe pretty much denies every serous claim and they do not visit these sites unless there's a bad accident proactive policing of these sites would prevent a lot of accidents and deaths


Is this how Worksafebc operates

There was several Cso safety first Aid people that donated pictures to our cause to make sure workers go home to their familys safe.

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Ujall Dosanjh's office calls police on injured worker activist

I find it disturbing the lengths that polititions will go to avoid the Workers' Compensation Question. Parliament's general power to make laws for the "peace, order and good goverment of Canada".

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This movie is about two hours long but boy did these young people hit the nail on the head they have a lot to be proud of as long as we have young people like this there might just be hope for our Country. Again well done and if you can see you way clear to make a movie about whats being done to injured workers in Canada and North America we would be grateful.

How long have you been dealing with Workmens'Compensation


Why can't we have our American brothers sign the petition

Fight for your rights or find a corner to hide in

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This is what has to be removed Suplamental

This is what has to be removed

This must go at all cost the injured workers do not stand a chance as long as this remains in the act.

who inforces the wcb act and regulations

The cat making sure the mouse is well looked after

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Why because they refuse to stand up and be counted.

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HST and the liberals

Tyrants spring from the seed of varmints and patriots spring from the seeds of oppression

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Another useless death of a young worker

{Slobodian’s union, Ironworkers Local 97, earlier disagreed with the findings of inadequate training and supervision, suggesting it was a tragic accident.}I would like to see a log book with the amount of hours worked on that piece of equipment. I would also like to know how long this Worker belonged to that union I would like to see the records of every company this worker worked for in the last 5 years. And I say if they are found to be less then truthful in the amount of training this young man had they should also be held legally Accountable. The Reason I suggest this is that it’s a matter of Record the union Apprenticeship programs have been lacking sorely in the past. And after all this boy was 22 years old where did he get all this training.

Original story by Neal Hall Vancouver Sun
July 29, 2009

Foot note Vancouver Province newspaper it was stated that this young man had been a apprentice steel worker not a crane operator for five months and he had only 90 minutes instruction in heavy duty crane operation. ACCIDENT? Negligent homicide in my opinion. A sad commentary on our unions and construction industry money is more important then a young man’s life

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The Canadian Constitution and the 2010 Olmypic's

Have you ever noticed that when you ask these reporters a Question on a point of law concerning the loss of rights under the charter or Constitution they always got a smart mouth answer.

part 1 Unfunded liabilty

part 2 Unfunded liability

part 3 Unfunded liabilty

Part 4 Unfunded liabilty

part 5 Unfunded liability

part 6 Unfunded liabilty

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Deeming as it apply's to CCP,WCB,ICBC

Economic genocide against working poor

this will affect all the public people that are working people on welfare injured workers

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2002 Amendment to Workmens'Compensation Act in BC

Sec:34 2002 The Amendments Act

People must realize that this does not apply to you if you were injured before 2002 unless your condition worsens and you re-open your case to get more money then it will apply and you may or may not end up with less money then you had before.

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my niightmare with the union part 1

who is the union movement really benefiting its certainly not all the people who belong to it.

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The difference between Cronic pain and Pain and suffering

Plain simplie easy to understand

Josh's union exsperience


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xmas in july on Frazer st.

A chance to say what was on my mind concerning wcb with a politition

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why would any injured worker celebrate canada day

Yes we should celebrate the abuse that is heaped upon us by our country and goverment. Yah right all we wanted to do was work and pay our way in the country but when you get injured in this country you become a liabilty to these people.

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union based sites help no one but the unions

They must look into the faces of the workers they have destroyed sooner or later the public will stand up to say enough is enough.


This is a man who worked for a living this is a man who had pride in making a living this is a man that was destroyed by sask.wcb

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we like to brag about our democracy and justice

There is only two true fundamental rights the right to protect your own life and that right is to seek a better existence.
The right to free speech is part of this so is the right to be able to seek justice in a court not of your superiors but of your equals. The right to work and make a living without state interference is also part of this. This is self evident in any true democracy.

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to all the idiots that post nasty remarks on injured sites

To all those good union members that have yet to screwed by your unions just wait and see you will find the heads of these unions are only interested in lining their own pockets and if you get hurt bad watch how quickly they forget about you.

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Canada's reaction to Iran's election laughable at best

Where does our goverment get the right to talk about human rights abuse when they are are pardner's with a Insurance company{ WCB} that abuse's injured workers destroys familys causes suicides.

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Natzi Germany 1939 or BC 2009

Beware of what you think or say

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units of labour

When you discard valuable human experience then mankind has reached its highest level of incompetence we are being funnelled towards a society where human life is worthless if your old or if you incapable of working do you really believe that the death camps are indigenous to Nazi Germany do you really believe that when the machine takes over the menial tasks for man and woman that we will have a life of paradise a few may but it will be doubtful it will be people like you and me its time for the injured worker and down trodden to stand up and say I HAVE WORTH I WILL NOT BE DEVALUED TO NOTHINGESS.

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bogus career services

bogus career services that are made to order to keep Bureaucrats employed all under the guise of helping people get new careers another sham being foisted on the tax payer its time the public woke up and demands a accounting and i do not mean how many people they run through i mean i want a accounting of people that have started new careers direcly as a result of of outfits like rdk and other outfits like this one.

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preaching to the converted

preaching to the converted is like breathing stale air its a waste of time you must reach the masses or your chasing your own tail.

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Whats happening to our Democracy

Maybe it's time for new idea's or is it a old idea thats a good idea

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The other side of the coin concerning wcb

Not only the injured workers get screwed by WCB the small companys get screwed too.

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The CBC is not interested in the Misuse of mental health act

The News Groups cannot be trusted any longer to report important news to the public this includes the CBC


why is the public being subjected to this abuse by the very people that are sworn to protect us and why are the acts that are meant to protect are being used to circumvent the legal procedure that are in place.

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the study of the WCB Act

a good read for injured workers

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A bridge not far enough

in most places Drunks get a park bench but in BC they get to be premier of the province and have bridges named after themselves.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The police have flipped their lids does the mental health act applie

Can you say the word Ludicrous this sums it up for the justice system in BC

the union imput into injured worker question

Organized disruption tactic’s created by infiltrating groups this concept is not new it was done by FBI during the McCarthyism years in America and during the Black Panther movement you get in and disrupt then the group falls apart.

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sixty years of lies

they say they have been fighting for injured workers for sixty years while they sit on the board controls WCB and jim sinclair invests the pension money that these adjudacators and caseworkers the very people that torment and denie the injured worker say enough lies and deceit we the working people of this country have been betrayed.

Friday, April 24, 2009

pivot law society and civil rights groups and community legal assistance soceity

Pivot law Society and civil liberty groups’ community legal assistance society support is just not enough and why would David EBBY ASKED Josh to sign a release if he was doing this himself in small debt court.

Pivot law Society and civil liberty groups’ community legal assistance society

Pivot law Society and civil liberty groups’ community legal assistance society support is ust not enough and why would David EBBY ASKED Josh to sign a release if he was doing this himself in small debt court.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

tired of the lies and deceit

we are taught a lie from the time we are born in this country we are taught that we live in a democracy this is false the only thing your vote means is some Politician will get his or her pension you will get little or nothing why do you think that the voting turnout's so low because we are tired of being lied too and taxed out of Existence.
REFUSE TO VOTE TAKE YOUR NAME OFF ALL BALLOTS Why vote for people that could not care less about you or your children.


This day was set aside to morn the death of workers killed on the job it should be named the day of infamy because people like Jim Sinclair and all the labour federations across the country get up on the stage with the wcb the very people that drive injured workers into being bankrupt they help to blacklist injured workers they cause the destruction of the family unit in a lot of cases in the most extreme cases they cause the suicide of the injured worker they have no place at the so called day of morning.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Oh woe is poor little political me I am just the NDP can you give me 10 bucks to help Shake the liberal tree after all it’s our turn to screw the public Gordo don’t be greedy after all there must be something we can take. You got all their money if they have any dignity we will take that after all it makes us feel important when we listen to them beg and whine and when we get our big pensions for screwing them we can all sit back and have a good laugh also at their expense.

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Canada the land where they preach about human rights but where they protect the abuser what would a great man like tommy Douglas say I would hazard a guess it would go like this how could you exspect a cat whether its black or white to protect the rights of a mouse.

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talking to cbc is a waste of time

this why people are not watching the news casts anymore youtube is much better

Thursday, April 16, 2009

are the police of this province running amok

Using the mental health act to circumvent the obtaining of legal warrants to enter and search and seizure of people is illegal and wrong and strikes at the very heart of the Charter of Rights and the Constitution of this Country these people are out of control or are they simply following the orders their leaders.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

more on the jack boot mentality

scared or paid off which is it

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Home invasion by the vancouver city police

This is all about forcing the injured worker to shut his mouth and die quietly without causing any problems this line of thinking must be stopped we will not be denied our rights under the charter of this country the last person that this guy talked to worked for Jim Sinclair then all of a sudden the door is being kicked off the hinges you makeup your own mind.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Jim Sinclair asking for support

Freedom and justice =Democracy = Human Decency

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

who should we fear more the gangs or police

Is this where our society has evolved to because of these Olympic games and this banking fiasco where the ones that are sworn to protect the weakest of our society are to become the victimizers of it instead where the homeless must now fear the police force that should protect them from further harm have we fallen so quickly to the point where its shoot first and ask questions later. Who was the victim? Apparently he had no police record was he just down on his luck was he a injured worker who was this poor soul who’s life was snuffed out by this police officer’s bullet(ctvlink)

Monday, March 23, 2009

the goverment and public sector pardnership

Talk about a ponsie scheme you take the tax payers money and you invite Big business to invest the other half of the investment and you keep the tolls on the projects for the next forty or fifty years the big business investor of coarse makes his money back tenfold he gets half of the toll revenues every year less kick backs of course.the only one who loses is the public they get a bridge they have to pay to get across.

America please keep your idiots at home

the terminator looking to find ways of screwing his own people by using Gordon Campbell's example.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Counter intelligence techniques that can be used on the wcb or worksafe

Its time the injured worker fought back tell these people you do not need to be spyed on by ex-RCMP private eyes.And now you will record your meetings with these abusers that call themselves case workers and adjudacators.Its time to say enough is enough.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

the new world order

if you look at all the things happening in this country it looks like the north American union is on the way. Our new way of doing business with the American war machine allowing them to control our milatary and the nafta agreement with only the American's having the option of opting out of it.the linking of Mexico a source of cheap labor. And Canada and it's extending of the temperary work visa's from one to three years this creating a migratory labor force.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

temperary work visa's time limit extended

The extension of the time limit on the temporary work visas from one year to three years’ is an outrage and a sellout to the big business friends of the CCCE by this prime minister. This is the beginning of the dismantling of the basic fundamental structure of the country. Destroy the workforce that fought for employment safety equality decent wage rates Create a migratory work force based outside of the country this will lead to the invention of wages controlled by big business. There will be no such thing as a group of injured workers. All the workers in Canada will be injured workers and they will work as serfs for the big business corporations.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

never have i felt so ashamed to be a Canadian

this story shows how much this country cares about people that serve the country with blind faith and a unwavering sense of honor i am speaking of our soldiers the people that will defend this country if asked and will pay the ultimate price if asked.And to have these treasonous dogs stand at the Rememberance days spouting their garbage of how greatful they are for the sacrfice of people like my father and his brothers who served with honor this country sickens me beyond belief.

Community legal assistance society

Do these people really help injured workers? Well they certainly did not in my case or the case of my friend. So are they just there to help union members or people that belong to the NDP I would like to believe this is not so, but their actions speak for themselves.

agent orange the Liberal's terrible secret

Was one of your loved ones sprayed with this chemical to appease the American war hawks.why is it when they cannot under the Geneva convention test it on their own people they simply walk across the border and test it on the Canadian soldier's and civil workers.And this was done under the liberal watch i cannot as a Canadian citizen imagine such treachery coming out of a government elected by a people.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Never have the many paid such a high price for the Entertainment of so few


The hardships that will be heaped upon the public because of your lack of business skill shall not go on challenged you will pay the price.Even your children will ask why you made such a stupid move this city will long remember that you put it in a massive debt

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the 2009 munich games?

Joseph Goebbels could not be more proud.Your business is shut down because its too close to one of our olympic venues and i would guess this applies to every venue all over the lower mainland that falls within the RCMP Security Fence.You cannot use the word or symbols even though you have been using them for twentyfive years before the olmypic's was even thought up.we do not care Port Moody if you built a Olympic size arena just in case it was needed by the athlete's you will pay me and my henchmen one million dollars if you claim to have anything to do with the Olympic's even though undoubtly you and your citizen will be helping to pay for this party for the rich and famous.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2009 olympic games or the 1936 munich games

you would think the 1936 munich games by the vanoc the so called olmpic commitee behaves closing down business's where they please and when they please who will pay for this two week party for the fat and worthless elite.

Friday, March 6, 2009

we no longer support the goverments of this country

no longer support these goverments with the vote we hold so dear I will not support a goverment that allows a paramiltary police force -RCMP OR TRANSIT POLICE to use a weapon that is so offencive to the public well being. The polish immigrant's death is one of many this madness must be stopped. And the goverments must be forced to goverern for the people once again without the lie's and deceit.

Monday, March 2, 2009

the seeds of treason

these people do not even care about the freedom of their own familys never mind the rest of the canadians

Friday, February 27, 2009

Bea Zucco

What kind of country states it's human right's is second to none would allow this bad faith act to exist to torture the injured and maimed to victimize the defenceless to make homeless it's injured citizen's to cause it injured to commit suicide.This woman has been fighting for fifty years she's now eightysix years old talk about courage instead of abusing her this country should rewarding her courage.
This is the kind of courage that made this country great.We the abused and injured colition of canada applaud you Bea.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

treason at the highest levels

Do you want your children or grandchildren to live in a country run by huge multi-national corporations with no freedom of choice or the right to vote on who leads their country? These grounds are soaked in the blood of our forefathers all in our quest for freedom of choice and speech and the right to say no. The right to have Democracy and freedom must be renewed with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants every few Centuries. These words were said by Thomas Jefferson the author of the Declaration of Independence.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

gordo behind the eightball

Is the leader of our province he has help to wipe out more injured worker's with his
garbage then most people

Sunday, February 15, 2009

free speech will not be tolerated says youtube

free speech under attack on youtube i would guess that someone close to the north american union has given them the word shut the little witch up or el

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

lies and deceit that all these people understand

what does the federal goverment say when you contact them begging for help and they say we have nothing to do with it, Lies.

You contact the provincial goverment and they say we have nothing to do with it,Lies.

You contact the human rights and they say they cannot help,Lies.

YOU CONTACT The ombudsmen and they say they cannot help,Lies.

You contact the workers adviser's and they cannot help you,Lies.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Canada she's worth fighting for

we the people must demand that the NORTH AMERICAN UNION BE SCRAPED
Or the Canadian people will lose all their rights.
It's the old company store concept gone wild
i will explain this the company will own your home they will own everything including the stores you shop at you will always be in debt to the company store
you will be forced to go to work to pay the company store you will never be out of debt as long as you live tell your elected officials that they must stop this madness

Monday, February 9, 2009

look close canada as your rights disappear....

...... Starting with your health care.

Mandatory drug testing on construction workers by WORKSAFEBC, MSP, EMERGIS and Telus are all linked to Telus HEALTH. Most of Telus Canada stocks are owned by American CORPORATIONS.


Friday, February 6, 2009

jim sinclair right this time not likely

we know these big company's get fined big money but then they get huge rebates at the end of the year if this company's safety record was so bad why were they not watched more closely because on every employee they get 4 dollars or more for every 100 dollars this employee makes there is no money in shutting down huge company.'s

freedom at risk

Did we beat the facist or are the in control of our rights at this very moment

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Drug testing will Jim Sinclair piss into a bottle for us

where will their bullshit end. Will they give help to these people that test positive doubtful they will go on a blacklist not to be hired it will fall right in with WCB's three strikes your out backroom policy and we know there is a blacklisting system out there for these construction company's where doe's this end.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

justice denied

This same justice system has been denied to injured workers for years and this just proves us right the justice system in this country is for the people who can afford to buy it it's time for the working class to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

Justice failed ordinary citizens

Times ColonistJanuary 31, 2009

An effective and equitable legal system is as critical to a democratic society as free elections.

Unless all citizens have access to justice, the rights and responsibilities established in laws or a constitution are meaningless.

In British Columbia today, they only apply to some citizens -- those with money and influence, or the backing of protectors who wield those advantages.

Lawyer Peter Ritchie laid bare B.C.'s shame this week.

Ritchie, who represented two daughters of a couple killed in the Queen of the North sinking, delivered a scathing rebuke as he announced they had been forced to settle out of court. The law's limits, B.C. Ferries' intransigence and the tremendous legal costs -- many imposed by the provincial government -- made it impossible for the two girls to pursue legal recourse.

If someone you love dies because of negligent actions, "don't go looking for justice in the province of British Columbia," Ritchie said. "Unless you are wealthy, you won't be able to afford court in B.C.

"Very sadly, two lovely teenage girls from Penticton will never know what happened to their father," he added. "Our so-called justice system has let them down."

The provincial government wanted the girls to pay $15,000 to cover courtroom costs. It wanted another $25,000 to pay for a jury. They would have had to pay for witnesses to be flown from Prince Rupert, including B.C. Ferries employees.

No other province charges such fees, says Ritchie. In Alberta, the costs would be $800; in Ontario, $645.

Yet in B.C., the price for just a courtroom and jury would be $40,000.

And every step of the way, the girls would face a corporation with vast resources fighting a war of attrition. B.C. Ferries, like any participant in our system, could throw up barriers at every step. The corporation had even refused to agree the girls' parents were dead, forcing them to go to court for a legal ruling -- and pushing up their costs.

This disease eating at our system isn't just harming individuals. The legal system should be exposing systemic failures. The public has a great interest in knowing how the Queen of the North disaster happened. No other process has provided vital answers. Now costs have blocked access to answers through the courts. The only alternative is a costly, slow public inquiry.

More broadly, the erosion of justice undermines the basic compact that holds society together. We accept the rule of law on the basis that access is equal and that the process is fair.

That is no longer true. In too many cases, the moneyed and powerful have legal power; average citizens can forget about justice.

That is a formula for oppression, exploitation and, eventually, disorder, as people take whatever action they can to defend their own interests when the system will not.

Link to Story:Times Colonists

out of the mouth's of babes

Well it was said to me by a young man who might be one of the army that defeats these enemy's of justice these people have taken the meredith agreement and twisted it to fit their own agenda to rape and pillige the live's of inocent injured worker's this act was put in place so canadian worker's could have some kind of life if injured but the goverment and the unions leaders and the wcb saw a chance to be able to screw the working people of this country and they took it.They are the enemey's of everything it means to be Canadian.If they ask you to join their unions say no if they ask you to vote say no because as long as you vote and join their union you support their abuse JUST SAY NO

Thursday, January 29, 2009

does wcb really benefit the public and business

this bad faith act really helps no one other then unions some doctors and big company's it certainly does not help the small business man because his premiums keep going up and i doubt they get the same kind of rebate that the big company's enjoy .The only people that do not benefit is the injured worker he is tormented and cutoff at every turn and even if he does get training out of WCB like the one whom they paid 33,000 to a private school to upgrade him for a ten dollar a hour job.

Monday, January 26, 2009

who benifits from worksafebc

Some injured workers are victimized to keep this secondary economy going these people live the high life while the injured worker starves and loses his home family and sometimes his life.The money that is wasted on the creation of excess paper work caused by denial's and countless appeals that should never take place.And the hundred of thousands of dollars spent on the hiring of private investigators to follow and spy on injured workers where there is no appearance of fraud.then we have the matter of hiring hi- priced people like Hue Herv to evaluate people so the Worksafebc can try to coverup what's being done to injured workersthis can't be cheap i would guess it would be cheaper to pay the worker what's due to him.

Friday, January 23, 2009

is the RCMP being used as the training ground for WCB

Why is the national police force the RCMP providing retired police officers to service the Workers Compensation boards across this country as Security ceo's and private detectives to harrass injured workers across this country.I would think that this is some kind of conflict of interest these people are drawing federal pensions while the fereral goverment and provincial goverments are both stake holders in the WCB.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

oh Canada why have you forsaken us

once upon a time if my country had of called Me and my family would have stood and died for her but no more.This country does not even resemble the country where i grew up these elect offcials and unions lawyers wcb have destroyed her its pretty bad when someone like me would pickup and leave the country if i could Harper got elected with 31% of the vote this should tell all you wanna be politions how pissed off the public is.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Parallel Payers, Privatization and Two-Tier Healthcare in Canada
Alan Davidson
The commissioning of care by Workers' Compensation Boards alongside provincial healthcare insurance plans functions in Canada in much the same way as parallel private insurance functions in countries like England and Australia. Parallel payers introduce policy conflict, undermine equity and promote privatization. WCB demands for expedited care for injured workers create challenges for the efficiency and fairness of the healthcare system. Unfortunately, the legitimate policy of goals of WCB and universal healthcare insurance are difficult to reconcile in the real world of Canadian healthcare policy.

This country's leaders are either insane or stupid do they really think that we will allow them to turn us into a bunch of migrational workers that are under paid and abused because this insane class of company's figured out that by destroying the wage struture of this country they will increase the bottom line (profit) these people were elected but they are not carrying out the best interests of the people of this country.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


WorkSafeBC has obligations to protect the worker’s privacy under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Treating clinicians are provided information about the worker on a “need to know” basis. This means that WorkSafeBC can advise the treating clinician about the need to communicate a decision or information and its concern about the worker’s psychological reaction but not the content of the decision.4 For example, an officer arranges to communicate a decision to the worker by telephone while the worker is at their doctor’s office. The officer, through the Medical Advisor, will have made arrangements with the doctor ahead of time to have the worker in the doctor’s office to receive the decision verbally. The officer does not reveal the substance of the decision to the doctor. The worker’s doctor is available to provide support if the worker becomes emotionally distressed.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wayne Coady speaks out

the wholesale victimization of the Canadian public goes on and on Brother Coady is right a phony act foisted on the non-union working class by the unions and government of the day.In this day and age they should treat the workers with more respect but this is not so they are getting worse because they think because we have been silent for so long they can get away with this they should think again.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dr. Kuntz its time for good men to stop this demon

The WCB and the College of Surgeons and physicians banded together to destroy this Doctors career WHY? Was he a bad surgeon? Not from what I heard and read about the man. No he would not follow the party line in other words he would not knuckle under to the wcb, this in their eyes is more then enough of a excuse to destroy a mans career.