Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The very people that torment and deny injured workers their rightful due are good dues paying union members of the BC Government employee's union they go to their union meetings and talk about their rights on the job.While they torture other workers.They worry about whether their pension plans are being taken care of just like all other good union members.Well they can rest easy on that account because Jim Sinclair will see to it that they have nothing to worry about in their old age.But I doubt that a injured worker that has only been a union member for a couple of years will receive the same tender care from Mr.Sinclair that he affords the pensions of the police and the WorkSafeBC and civic employee's pensions.The company that Jim Sinclair sits on is called SHARE and they have to be signatory to the united nations because this one invests in foreign country's part of this company's portfolio IS BC INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT CORPORATION which invests the WCB fund in tobacco company's all over the world and in LOCKHEED MARTIN the biggest supplier of arms in the American war machine amongst other things.

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