Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another useless death of a young worker

{Slobodian’s union, Ironworkers Local 97, earlier disagreed with the findings of inadequate training and supervision, suggesting it was a tragic accident.}I would like to see a log book with the amount of hours worked on that piece of equipment. I would also like to know how long this Worker belonged to that union I would like to see the records of every company this worker worked for in the last 5 years. And I say if they are found to be less then truthful in the amount of training this young man had they should also be held legally Accountable. The Reason I suggest this is that it’s a matter of Record the union Apprenticeship programs have been lacking sorely in the past. And after all this boy was 22 years old where did he get all this training.

Original story by Neal Hall Vancouver Sun
July 29, 2009

Foot note Vancouver Province newspaper it was stated that this young man had been a apprentice steel worker not a crane operator for five months and he had only 90 minutes instruction in heavy duty crane operation. ACCIDENT? Negligent homicide in my opinion. A sad commentary on our unions and construction industry money is more important then a young man’s life

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