Monday, November 9, 2009

National post Howard Levitt talking about level playing field when it comes to injured workers

National post story Time to level WCB playing field by Howard Levitt financial post

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Brent McGillis said...

Well Howard is no different from the drunks in bars who said that they would have taken the knife from the psycho on the Greyhound. He is like a sports critic who has never played the sport. He is spouting about a subject he knows nothing about. Other than he needs to be a boot licker to his corporate boss. He is what I call a robot journalist. He does what he is told. He is like the Germans in WWII. Our population does not realize how easily history can repeat itself. Mr. Levitt is a drone. History shows that very large parts of the population are naturally inclined to be led to their own deaths, voluntarily. Is Post cereal still giving out degrees? His parents wasted their money on his education. That is why I called his article smelly journalism. He is no different than the majority of the news media, in that he does as he is told. Don't feel bad for the clones of society drywallrocker. I feel bad for his dog!