Sunday, December 13, 2009

Its time to show the world what really takes place

First aid and CSO's GO TO WORK everyday to try to keep workers safe so they can go home to their family’s every night at days end. And workers should be grateful that these people try to do their jobs. Instead they are exposed to a litany of abuse foul language violence and threats of loss of jobs. They walk a fine line and their jobs are at risk everyday why? Because the employers do not like the fact that these people are there to keep them in check. You would think otherwise as you would think that if the accident rate is kept down so is the employer’s WCB premiums. Well safety impedes production and besides the Work safe pretty much denies every serous claim and they do not visit these sites unless there's a bad accident proactive policing of these sites would prevent a lot of accidents and deaths


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Brent McGillis said...

It's true you will never live to collect any benefits from these serious workplace injuries or illnesses. We are called "Crazy Canucks" because we are doing our work with NO insurance. It should be change to stupid canucks. The President of Mexico sees Harper for what he is, a lying f**k Prick.